When it comes to working with my clients, there are no exceptions to the No Pushing rule. However, when it comes to selling your home I will push very hard to expose your home to industry and to the public. Marketing goes beyond simple advertising. It’s a detailed process of exposing the property to other REALTORS’ clients, my clients, and the public.

With a Bachelor of Commerce concentrating in Marketing from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and over three years of experience working in advertising, I have a detailed understanding of the marketing process and effective advertising techniques.

There are many aspects to the marketing process with the level of detail depending on the property being sold. However, there are five fundamental steps that are generally followed in selling any property.

The first step in the process is to determine the market value of the home which helps determine the list price. This is done by completing a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) which is further explained here. Based on that analysis and your specific circumstances and needs we will then discuss pricing strategies.

Step two is to prepare to list the property for sale. This means doing necessary upgrades, repairs, and clean-up to ensure you get the maximum possible return on your home. Staging the property with the help of a professional stager can be a great way to help potential buyers visualize themselves in the home and help you both maximize your sale price and minimize the time your home remains on the market.

Once the home is prepared to be listed step three, of course, is listing it. Prior to placing your home on the MLS I will arrange to have professional photographs and measurements taken, a 3D virtual tour with floor plan created,  drone photography for larger properties or view properties in order to properly showcase the land and view, and a “For Sale” sign installed. I will also ask you to provide as much information regarding your home as possible, including a copy of the survey, property tax, heating costs, etc. It’s important that the listing include good photography and detailed information from the moment it hits buyers’ computers. You will only get one chance to make a first impression. In the Internet age buyers want as much information as possible, and could pass your home over if the listing doesn’t include photos or other vital information they may use in their decision making process.

Step four is to expose the property to other agents, their clients, and the public. You may have noticed that the public is last in that list. The reason being that at any given time hundreds of REALTORS may be working with thousands of buyers, just waiting for the right property to come along. These motivated buyers are the number one target. While your home may sell to someone outside of this “motivated buyer” category, it’s much more likely to sell to one of these buyers than someone in the general public who has just started the process of searching for a home.

I use many different methods to expose your home to the market, tailored to the specific property and your needs. Methods directed to other agents and their buyers include a “Just Listed” email to all agents with photos and details, posting the listing in the Agent’s Only listings database, which in turn is used to send the listing to their buyers if the home meets their criteria, and placing the property on Hanlon Realty’s office caravan. During the caravan Hanlon agents can come and pre-view the property for potential buyers, and provide valuable feedback on pricing and staging.

To reach the general public your listings will be posted on,,, and other websites such as Point2 Homes, any real estate website which is using syndicated listings from the MLS (which includes the majority), Kijiji, and NL Classifieds. I also utilize social media for maximum exposure of your listing. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and I do paid sponsored posts for each property listing. Hanlon Realty also advertises both physical and virtual open houses weekly, and your home will be included in those posts as well. These are just some examples of the tools used to expose your home to the maximum number of potential buyers.

Once these marketing strategies are implemented I will keep you informed with regular updates, including response to the various marketing efforts, any feedback arising from showings and open houses, and any changes in the marketplace that may require a re-evaluation of the price and/or marketing strategy.

To discuss the value of your home and the best marketing strategy for your personal needs please contact me. I’m happy to meet with you to discuss your options with absolutely no obligation and just as importantly, No Pushing.

Competitive Market Analysis