A home inspection is one of the most important steps in buying a home. The home inspector is a neutral third party who will perform a thorough inspection of the home to look for any potential issues that may arise. The home inspector’s job is not to look for cosmetic deficiencies, but to look at items such as the electrical and plumbing systems, the structure, the roof, windows, doors, etc. to find issues that affect the safety and functionality of the home. Often issues may not always be visible during a showing, and some things are recognized only with specific expertise.

While I will always point out to you any potential issues I spot during a viewing, I am not a home inspector. The information provided by a qualified home inspector can be invaluable. It can prevent you from paying for costly repairs down the line that should have been accounted for in your purchase price, or repaired before the purchase even occurred.

The home inspector is selected by you, the buyer, and is in no way affiliated with myself of the listing agent. This ensures that the opinions offered are 100% impartial, and strictly for your benefit. Prices vary from one inspection company to another and can vary based on included services, however expect to budget roughly $600 for a home inspection. While it may sound like a lot to spend, it’s a very small price if it prevents you from making a mistake when making one of the biggest purchases of your life.

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